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Performing Arts

The purpose of the Performing Arts curriculum at The Howard School is:

  • to develop in our students a sense of self-confidence which will support them throughout their lives, both today and in their futures.
  • to equip our students with a toolkit of life skills – presentation, negotiation, teamwork and creativity – that they can apply, not only to a Drama lesson but to the wider school community and beyond.
  • to develop our students’ imaginations and creativity to create new and exciting work in both writing and through performance.
  • to encourage our students to take creative and artistic risks in order to develop their awareness of themselves and the world around them.
  • to build, refine and master a range of performance skills by exploring a wide variety of texts, practitioners and styles including classical, contemporary, British and cultural.
  • to develop an appreciation of performance, both live and recorded, and the impact and influence this can have on our lives.


Ms Cordell Head of Performing Arts
Mr Knights Whole School Rewards Lead / Teacher of Drama

Learning Journey

Courses offered in KS4 & KS5

GCSE Drama


BTEC (Single) Performing Arts

BTEC (Double) Performing Arts


Reading Curriculum