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Financial Help/Bursaries

Young people who require financial support to help them continue in education Post-16 can apply to their school for the 16-19 Bursary Fund. The Howard 6th Form has been allocated a very modest amount of money to distribute to students in genuine need of financial assistance.

If your son or daughter successfully applied for this funding, they will need to submit a new application for the coming academic year.

In addition, The Howard Sixth Form would like to invite Year 11 students who start Year 12 in September, who believe they are eligible for the financial assistance, to apply. The application can be downloaded using the following link:


The following students are eligible for the 16-19 Bursary Fund.

  1. Students in care, care leavers, students receiving Income Support or receiving Employment Support or Disability Living Allowance. Students in this group will qualify for a Bursary Fund of £1,200 per year as well as Bursary Fund.
  2. Students whose joint parental income is no more than £25,000 per annum.
  3. Students whose parents receive Income Support.

All applicants must provide evidence of their household income as part of the application process. We currently accept P60, Income Support/University Credit (Award Letter), Full Tax Credit Award. Self-Employee earnings (Official Tax return), other benefits/pension (Award Letter) or recent wage slips.

Students with eligibility 2 and 3 above will be able to claim for Bursary Assistance which can support transport costs, course related books and stationary, meals whilst at school and any other essential course related costs including school trips.

You may wish to seek additional guidance from the Government website www.gov.uk/16-to-19-education-financial-support-for-students.

The school will be open during the summer break if you wish to hand in an application or raise any queries regarding the Bursary Scheme.