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Local Academy Board

As of 1 December 2015, The Howard School moved from a single convertor Academy to become the lead school within The Howard Academy Trust.

The Local Academy Board of The Howard School:

  • Mr Jasbinder Johal (Head of School)
  • Mrs J Matthews (Trust Appointed Chair of Governors) - contactable via the School Office
  • Ms T Marchant (Trust Appointed Vice-Chair of Governors)
  • Ms C Snook (Staff)
  • Zeldine Morris (Staff)
  • Ellie Quare (Trust Appointed)
  • Zahid Hussain (Trust Appointed)

Terms of Reference for the Local Academy Board can be found here.

Contact details:
Post: Chair of Governors, The Howard School, Derwent Way, Rainham, Gillingham ME8 0BX
Telephone: The School Office on 01634 388765

A copy of minutes, with the exception of confidential items, will be available by emailing office@thehowardschool.co.uk.

For details of the Members and Directors of The Howard Academy Trust, please click here.

Name Relevant Business & Pecuniary Interests
(including governance roles in other education institutions)
Attendance record at meetings for the academic year ('22-'23)
Jasbinder Johal (Head of School)
Appointed: Ongoing
None declared 4 of 4
Tracy Marchant (Trust Appointed)
Appointed: 28/06/22
None declared 1 of 3
Joanna Matthews (Parent/Chair)
Appointed: 22/02/21
Membership - NMC 4 of 4
Claire Snook (Staff)
Appointed: 10/01/20
None declared 0 of 4
Zeldine Morris (Staff)
Appointed: 19/01/23
None declared 2 of 2
Ellie Quare (Trust Appointed)
Appointed: 04/04/22
Rivermead School: Deputy Headteacher 2 of 4
Zahid Hussain (Trust Appointed)
Appointed: 01/09/23
Wilmington Academy: School Governor N/A
Owen McColgan
(Accounting Officer/CEO THAT)
Medway Academy of Performing Arts
(Partner from 03/01/2020)
Inspiring Change MAT
(Member from 12/12/2018)
Featherby Infants & Junior School
(Governor from 08/09/2020)
Ofsted Inspector
Past Governors
Diane Arnold (Appointed)
Appointed: 01/11/19
Resigned: 20/07/21
Jascom Electrical Contractors: Director N/A
Kerri Edge (Appointed)
Appointed: 03/09/19
Resigned: 27/09/21
Rivermead Inclusive Trust: Employee N/A
Jonas Crosland (Parent)
Appointed: 16/01/20
Resigned: 21/02/21
None declared N/A
Nicola Hallows (Parent)
Appointed: 23/11/20
Resigned: 21/02/21
None declared N/A
Nigel Fray (Appointed)
Appointed: 09/02/17
Resigned: 08/02/21
None declared N/A
Beverly Woodhams (Appointed)
Appointed: 20/07/20
Resigned: 25/01/22
None declared N/A
Isaac Olajide (Parent)
Appointed: 22/02/21
Resigned: 14/03/22
None declared N/A
Laurie Snell (Staff)
Appointed: 27/03/22
Resigned: 01/11/22
None declared 0 of 1

Simon Fudge (Parent)
Appointed: 07/06/22
Resigned: 03/07/23

Business - K9 Crew Events Ltd
Membership - InstRE
1 of 3
Michael Page (Trust Appointed)
Appointed: 16/11/22
Resigned: 03/07/23
None declared 0 of 2

Last Updated: 1st September 2023