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At The Howard School, we expect our students to be punctual and to maintain a high standard of personal appearance. Below, you can find the timings of our school day, as well as our uniform expectations.

Timings of the School Day


Monday - Thursday


Line Up 08.25-08.30 08.25-08.30
MM/Pers Devt



Period 1



Period 2 inc. break



Period 3



Period 4 



Lunch / Pers Devt





Period 5


Line Up 14.55-15.00 12.50-13.00
Break & Lunch

Lunch and Break Times vary depending on Year Group. Each Year has their own Break and Lunch Zone.

Year Break & Lunch Zone Mon - Thu Break Mon - Thu Lunch

Mon - Thu

DEAR/Study Skills

Friday Break

U Block Canteen & TT Field

9.55-10.15 13.00-13.30 13.30-14.00 9:30-9:50

M Block Canteen (RHS) & Main Field

9.55-10.15 13:00-13:30 13.30-14.00 9:30-9:50
9 M Block Canteen (RHS) &
10.50-11.10 13:30-14:00 13.00-13.30 10:30-10:50
10 M Block Canteen (LHS) &
10.50-11:10 13:30-14:00 13.00-13.30 10:30-10:50
11 M Block Canteen (LHS) &
9.55-10:15 13.00 - 13.30 13.30-14.00 9:30-9:50
12 Sixth Form Centre 10.50-11:10 13.30 - 14:00 13.00-13.30 10:30-10:50
13 Sixth Form Centre 10.50-11:10 13.30 - 14:00 10:30-10:50

Please note: Lunch will still be available on Friday for students, as will supervised independent study facilities.


Our Uniform and Equipment expectations are explained in this document: 

Uniform Expectations Updated Summer 2023

A high standard of personal appearance is expected from all our students.

Anyone arriving at school in non-uniform clothing can expect to be sent home to change or to Student Services where uniform can be borrowed for the day. Students may not wear jewellery to school, and adornments relating to any piercings are forbidden.

All students must wear:

  • A black blazer with school badge and year ribbon
  • Plain white shirt with collar and school tie
  • Black or dark grey trousers (not skinny fit, denims, cords or jean style)
  • Black leather shoes (not trainers, sports shoes, fabric or suede)
  • Jumper, if worn, must be a black Howard jumper with school badge
  • Plain black, grey or navy socks
  • Belts, if worn, should be plain black without large buckles.

PE and Games Kit 

(available online from SWI Schoolwear):

  • Embroidered polo shirt, shorts and socks, rugby shirt
  • Embroidered sweatshirt (optional)

Please note that caps and hooded tops are not allowed and must not be worn on the school site. If they are found they are likely to be confiscated and a parent/carer may need to collect them from school.

Official Uniform Suppliers:

  • Rainham Sports, Station Road, Rainham
  • Uniformbase, 11 Railway Street, Chatham
  • School Time, 23 Railway Street, Chatham
  • SWI Schoolwear


Canteen Menus


Download our newest Canteen Menu here: