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We promote students undertaking work experience as we believe it allows students to gain invaluable experiences. We ask students to participate in work experience that relates to their career interests and allow time on an agreed basis during a student’s study periods. Students are asked to complete 16 hours of unpaid voluntary work that is documented within their Citizenship Booklet. This can be used in further UCAS applications, employment applications amongst other areas.

As a partner school of the University of Kent we participate in many open days and outreach programmes, which enable our students to experience aspects of university life as well as gain an insight into what courses are offered at degree level.

We offer 2 full days of Enrichments activities that differ for Year 12 and Year 13. The first day is in November where Year 12 students participate in a Healthy Living day. Students are taught about healthy eating and have an opportunity to create chicken fajitas and enjoy a range of sporting activities. Year 13 concentrate on UCAS applications or applications to further education, apprenticeships or employment.

On the second Enrichment day in March, we offer some students the opportunity to attend Kent University where they provide taster sessions for the students to engage in that are not subject specific. For example, this year students had the opportunity to discuss: whether or not the United Kingdom should exit the EU; will we ever cure cancer; and Pinocchio: a comparison. Students were also given a guided tour.