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Pastoral Support

The wellbeing of our students is very important to us, and we have a number of staff members on hand to ensure that we can always offer support to any student that requires it. Each Year Group has a designated Head and Deputy Head of Year who oversee the year group and cater to any needs that may arise. In addition, the school also has a small pastoral team who reside in a pastoral office and can deal with student needs during the day, as well as maintaining strong interactions with parents. Our Pastoral Support Team is a hub of the school for students to go if they feel in distress or have any other concerns. 

We have 3 Base Rooms, used for academic tuition, to support with reading and numeracy as well as some SEN interventions. We also have an Inclusions Manager, a full time member of staff that provides one-to-one mentoring for students and checks on them in lessons.


The Howard School's SenCo is Mrs J Deakin, who can be contacted via the details below. All the information needed about our SEND support can be found here:


Mrs J Deakin, Assistant Headteacher (SenCo)
Phone: 01634 388765
Email: deakinj@thehowardschool.co.uk