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The purpose of the Criminology curriculum at The Howard School is:

  • to provide our students with an insight into how Britain’s Criminal Justice System works through a variety of different units of study.
  • to enable our students to understand the many theories behind criminal behaviour and to encourage our students to research these theories and cases in order to gain a wider understanding of criminality and criminal behaviour.
  • to encourage our students to consider the systems and punishments used for dealing with criminal behaviour and for them to reach informed conclusions about their effectiveness.
  • to develop our students’ ability to examine information critically and draw conclusions.
  • to allow our students to learn from their studies and become a more rounded and considered member of society.


The purpose of the Law curriculum at The Howard School is:

  • to provide our students with a broad understanding of the legal system in this country, to develop their understanding of how our laws are made and how the court system works.
  • to encourage our students to become more aware of their rights under this system and to realise what responsibilities they have within society.
  • to develop resilience within our students when dealing with complex ideas and language.
  • to enable students to become independent learners who are able to organise their work and meet deadlines set thus helping them in further education or employment.
  • to provide our students with a level of understanding that will assist them to progress on to further studies of the law.


Ms Webb Subject Lead of Criminology & Psychology
Mr Singh Subject Lead of Law

Courses offered in KS5

Level 3 Criminology

BTEC Psychology

Level 3 Applied Law


Reading Curriculum