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The purpose of the Music curriculum at The Howard School is:

  • to adopt a “Music for All” ethos which enables our students to understand what music is (and means) through performing, composing, listening, and evaluating/analysing across a wide range of musical genres.  
  • to develop our students’ self-confidence, coordination and dexterity, and a sense of achievement. Music in the curriculum has an impact on our students’ personal development in terms of cognition, perception, emotion and kinesthetic. 
  • to engage and encourage our students to appreciate music in many forms across different historic periods and cultures/traditions and to inspire them to develop an understanding of the enriching benefits of music in their daily life around them,  inclusively promoting understanding and tolerance of culture/traditions in Britain and world-wide through contextual study. 


Ms Cordell Head of Performing Arts
Mr Green Teacher of Music

Learning Journey

Courses offered in KS4 & KS5

BTEC Level 2


Reading Curriculum