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The purpose of the Mathematics curriculum at The Howard School is:

  • to empower our students to develop and apply problem solving skills focusing predominantly on the powerful and overarching mathematical components: proportional reasoning, geometrical reasoning and graphical representations.
  • to encourage students to develop mathematical behaviour and, as such, our curriculum encourages students to develop deeper understanding to make links across curriculum areas and foster a mastery approach.
  • to encourage our students to notice, make connections, explain, justify, conjecture, and prove. We encourage our students to deploy particular models to support their development (ratio tables, area model, graphing) as well as draw a pictorial representation to make sense of a given situation.
  • to provide enrichment opportunities outside the curriculum to enhance our students’ enjoyment of mathematics.
  • to enable our students to develop their fluency in performing key mathematical skills so they become second nature.
  • to give our students opportunities to think logically and flexibly to develop sound mathematical arguments.
  • to nurture our students’ ability to solve problems through exposure to a variety of strategies and modelling of good practice.
  • to ensure all students leave numerate and with a qualification in mathematics


Mr Harman Head of Maths
Mr Hillier Assistant Headteacher/Teacher of Maths
Ms Ali  Head of Year 11/Teacher of Maths
Mr Chowdhury Teacher of Maths
Ms Fatungase Teacher of Maths
Mrs Oladapo-Salu Teacher of Maths
Ms Salter Teacher of Maths
Mrs Snook Teacher of Maths
Mr Swift Teacher of Maths
Mr Thomas Teacher of Maths
Mr Wells Teacher of Maths

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