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The purpose of the Design and Technology curriculum at The Howard School is:

  • to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to demonstrate a sound understanding of the key areas of study: timbers, metals, textiles, polymers, electronics and graphic communication.
  • to develop our students’ understanding of the design model, including research and analysis, designing ideas, developing ideas, manufacturing and evaluation.
  • to afford students a deep understanding of a broad range of knowledge and skills, pertaining to the domains of design and technology by KS4.
  • to foster knowledge pertaining to: new and emerging technologies; industry and enterprise; the history and future of production scales, techniques and systems; the changing landscape of energy generation and storage; materials and their working properties, including: papers and boards, timbers, metals, polymers, textiles, technical textiles, modern, smart and composite materials; mechanical and electronic systems; forces and stresses on products; Design theory, including: research, strategies, design communication, prototype development, analysis, evaluation, innovation, functionality, aesthetics, systems design and iterative design; the use of primary and secondary data; the work of successful designers and brands.
  • to establish independent and creative designers, armed with a broad range of high quality practical skills by KS5. This will enable our students to realise innovative and unique practical designs. Our students’ knowledge and skills are underpinned by the historical context of design and analysis of successful designers and makers. The curriculum is diverse, holding freedom of expression and thought at its core. Its purpose is to encourage students to develop their abilities to experiment, investigate, analyse and evaluate, through this curiosity, amassing a broad range of practical skills and knowledge.


Mr Crockett Head of Design Technology
Mrs Bassant Joint Head of Art/Design
Mrs Williams Joint Head of Art/Design
Mrs Jones KS4 & KS5 Lead for 3D and Fine Art/Teacher of Art/Design
Mr Austin Teacher of Design Technology
Mr Marshall Teacher of Design Technology
Miss Mitchell Teacher of Art and Design & Design Technology
Mr Pasierkiewicz Teacher of Art and Design & Design Technology

Learning Journey

Courses offered in KS4 & KS5

GCSE 3D Design

A-Level 3D Design

Reading Curriculum