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Graphic Design

The purpose of the Graphic Design curriculum at The Howard School is:

  • to enable our students to discover how Graphics can play a critical role in brand-building and, at the same time, showcase their own skill-sets.
  • to allow our students to infuse their experience, knowledge, and application of design elements to a range of media and techniques — social media graphics, web and app, videos, banners, posters, advertisements, etc.
  • to support our students’ ability to interpret and create images with the use of text, communicating a visual outcome.
  • to incorporate the following: historical, contemporary, social, cultural and issues-based contexts, techniques and aesthetics. Graphics should be inspiring and evolve in response to the needs of the students’ projects.
  • to confidently develop ideas, themes, subjects, and understanding of how ideas can inspire creative responses considering a target audience.
  • to support our students understanding of how visual language can communicate ideas, meanings, and responses. 
  • To enable our students to critically reflect upon their creative journey, encouraging them to have independent views and opinions, over time.

Accordion Title

Ms Neech Assistant Headteacher/SIP
Mrs Bassant Joint Head of Art/Design
Mrs Williams Joint Head of Art/Design
Mrs Jones Teacher of Art/Design
Miss Mitchell Teacher of Art/Photography & Design Technology
Ms Barnes Teacher of Art/Design
Ms Pasierkiewicz Teacher of Art/Photography
Mr Pasierkiewicz Teacher of Art/Photography

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