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Why do Work Experience? 

Spending some time with an employer, doing simple tasks, work shadowing or watching an experienced employer at work can be hugely beneficial for our students. 

The reasons for doing work experience include  

  • Developing transferable skills such as communication and teamwork
  • Understanding how an organisation works 
  • Building confidence 
  • Enhanced opportunities for part-time and casual employment
  •  Provides valuable content in a CV or a UCAS statement 

What if I can't find a placement that matches my career aspirations? 

Any work experience, irrespective of the occupation will provide you with the opportunity to acquire transferable personal skills that will be useful for the rest of your working life.


This year's face to face work experience will take place on the following dates for the following year groups:

Year 10 |10th-14th June 2024
Year 12 | 15th-19th July 2024

Virtual Work Experience

Also referred to as online, remote or digital experience, provides the opportunity to gain experience from home. Virtual work experience can help you to develop your skills, boost your employability and explore new industries and job roles. Useful Websites: 



Volunteering can take you on an exciting journey – it helps you to develop as a person allows you to meet new people and will improve your chances of getting a job. You will be part of a good cause, help others and in doing so, help yourself.