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Our Staff

Mr R Hillier

Assistant Headteacher

My name is Mr. Hillier and I am an Assistant Head Teacher here at The Howard School.  One of my responsibilities is to create the whole school timetable each year, and part of this is leading on Options at Key Stage 4 ensuring that as many students as possible have access to the courses they have opted to do for their GCSEs.  This ensures our students can access the right courses at Post-16 and beyond!  One of the other responsibilities that I lead on is Promoting a Positive School Culture.  As part of this role, I work closely with our Rewards Lead developing the House Championship, Rewards Systems, Newsletter, School Council and Student Voice.  I also work closely with the Marketing and Design Officer for The Howard Academy Trust to promote through the school's website and social media accounts all of the outstanding work that occurs on a daily basis.  During my some 10 years at The Howard School, I have been Deputy Head of Year 11, Head of Year 10, and more recently Head of Maths before becoming Assistant Head Teacher.