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Who Are This Year's House Champions..?

Well done to all students for this year’s House Championship. With over 100 House Events having taken place, it’s been a tough and fierce competition. Students compete throughout the year for House Points. House Points can be awarded for excellent work, consistent good behaviour and demonstration of the LORIC attributes. Students also compete for Championship Points by representing their House and taking part in the many House Events on offer. But at the end of the year, there can only be one winner…

The House with the most House Points this year with 28,672, was Pankhurst House! The winning House of this year’s Festival of Sport was Tull House! The overall winner of The Howard School House Championship, and lifting the Laurel Cup this year, was Turing House with a grand total of 2,950 Championship Points.

Congratulations to Turing House for two consecutive years as Howard School House Champions. Come September, all House Points and Championship Points are reset to zero. So a fresh year is a fresh start… Who will be crowned Howard School House Champions 2023?